Howdy folks,

Well spring has sprung and the winds of change are a blowin’. It’s time that we officially announce we’re closing the books on Turbo Pup and wish to inform you all of our final few shows. Before you all wonder what horrible tragedy could befall men to do such a thing, we’ll have to stop you. This is just it, priorities have changed. Brett and I founded this band as something fun to dive into musically. Kickstarting a whirlwind of musical adventure that brought us places we couldn’t have imagined. It taught us so much and, in the best way possible, irrevocably changed the definition of what is important to us as human beings. However as this gift of music has lead us to so many places, it has also led Brett and I on our separate paths.

Over the winter I have had time to reflect upon what this means for the future of Turbo Pup. I’m reminded how together, over the past four years, we have worked hard to cultivate our own sound and Brett’s violin has been a foundational aspect of this music. While I don’t want to lose touch with any of you because of a name change, I feel that to continue under this banner without Brett wouldn’t be the good ol’ Turbo Pups that we all know. 

I can’t express enough love and gratitude for your support that has led to so much personal growth. You all gave us the space to create and hone our craft that we will continue to share with you in the days to come. Although the Turbo Pup brand will be retiring, you all should know the music will live on in other forms. Your favorite song will still be played out there somewhere. The website and FB pages will remain online as well as the EP available on all platforms. 

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ll check out my new trio StoneFolk. Liam Joyce, Kevin LaRose and I will be picking up where Turbo Pup left off. Let’s see where it goes!

Sincerely yours,


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