Aaron Dye -  lead guitar & ukulele and co-lead vocals

Back in Michigan from a journey of self discovery in Montana, his lyrical genius writes about love, loss & life.   Aaron is a seasoned musician.  His smooth voice and songwriting can bring you from wonder to tears to laughter in one performance.  Extremely talented, he can morph his sound to collaborate with a variety of artists' styles and genres.

Aaron's attention-to-detail and care (and desire not to get burned) shows in all aspects of his life.  Happy-go-lucky, he is often found giggling about something...or nothing...or both.

Photo by Vanessa Clark


Brett McDowell is  violin & mandolin and co-lead vocals for TurboPup.

He has been playing violin since the spry age of five. His talents include many other instruments such as ukulele, bass, guitar, and mandolin, and many others. It's like he has a symbiotic relationship with all things string.   

Brett's style and character is like an onion; you truly find more depth once the layers are peeled back.  He plays classical, country, bluegrass, folk, pop and surf metal / punk....and probably more (it's the layers .  Brett can pluck, strum, or slide that magical horsehair with or without vocals, he makes his instrument speak and invoke emotions from even the stone-hearted.  Brett's vocals are hearty, deep and full of heart; His songwriting varies from current affairs, humor, and love, to the outer rim of the galaxy.  He is somewhere between an off-the-grid hippy and a starfleet officer. 

He has two great loves: music and our planet.  Brett is a proponent for clean air, clean water, green living and maintaining the purity and integrity of our food sources.  You will always know it is a good cause to support if Brett is standing at your side.  He is instrumental in educating adults and kids alike to make the world a better place. 


Bio's by Michelle Barefoot